Something on the Side

Investing in a Side-Business

Characters can invest money in a side business to attempt to generate regular weekly income. They can accomplish this in four steps:

First: They decide what type of side-business they are starting.
Second: They find a business partner.
Third: They invest the initial seed money.
Fourth: They decide the profit split between them and their partner.

Type of Side-Business

Deciding what type of side-business is, mechanically, for flavor and role-playing purposes. A side-business affords the occasional new plot hook, and gives a character the opportunity to give some insight into their mind to the group as a whole. The type of side-business is not affected, and does not affect, dice rolls for weekly upkeep, only changes the flavor of the results determined by those dice rolls.

Business Partner

In finding a business partner, the player is searching for someone to entrust the day-to-day operation of their side-business. Therefore, this partner is not allowed to be another player character or a pre-existing NPC that might already have solid day-to-day work. The player starting the side-business is able to create an NPC all of their own. This partner is not applicable as a backup character, though they may be a route for players to accrue backup characters. If, at any time, the player and partner are no longer in business together, the partner becomes a viable backup character.

Initial Seed Money/Business Quality.

Assing a die value to the quality of the business, between d4-d12. This will determine the profit margin for the player and his partner. It will also inform where on the random events table one should look when rolling during downtime.

Player/Partner Split

Finally, the player character must decide how much of the Gross Profits goes to their character, and how much goes to their business partner. This is represented by splitting the die indicating the value of the business. For example, for a business rated at a d6,
, and you get what you pay for.

Something on the Side

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