Dinosaur Flu

The epidemic that has swept over the globe, killing millions.

Disease POT: 18 Roll on the resistance table a character’s CON vs that of the disease. Vaccination can reduce the POT of the disease, depending on the quality and quantity of vaccinations, which are administered on weekly doses.

One Dose Two Doses Three Doses Four Doses etc
Average Quality (₢200) 16 14 12 10 -2 per
Expensive Quality (₢1000) 14 10 6 2 -4 per
Priceless Quality (₢5000) 12 6 0 Ø -6 per

Disease Progression: Roll CON vs POT every week after infection, or when the next symptom would manifest, using character’s modified CON and the disease’s modified POT (if vaccinations are given). Failure indicates a movement to the next step of the disease, a sign of a worsening condition.

Timeline Symptoms CON Loss
Exposure: Roll CON vs. POT 18 on the resistance table for infection. None
4-5 Hours After Infection: Fever, chills, slight nausea, flop-sweat. 1d3-1
24-36 Hours After Infection: Delirium, severe chills, dangerously high fever, hallucinations. 2d4
7-9 Days After Infection: Coma, usually death. Fever continues. 2d6
13-16 Days After Infection: Fever overheats the brain. Patient dies. All

Successes on Resistance Table recovers 1d4 CON and improves the character’s condition by one step. Critical success while infected recovers 2d4 CON and improves the character’s condition by two steps.* CON recovery time is 1 point per week.

Dinosaur Flu

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