␢ Prudence Castermere

Engineer on the late Lady Jane, now a temporary land-bound resident of Tetanus Falls.



Agility d6
Smarts d8
Strength d4
Spirit d6
Vigor d6
Charisma 2 Parry 5 Pace 6 (36’) Toughness 5


Knowledge (Computers) d10 Fighting d6
Notice d8 Shooting d6
Stealth d6 Repair d8


  • Stubborn (Minor)
  • Wanted (Minor)
  • Small (Major)


  • Attractive

Formerly the ship’s engineer of the late, lamented Lady Jane, Prudence survived the horrible wreck of her previous ship and is currently seeking fresh employment, preferably on another hovercraft, as that is where the majority of her skillset is.

Unfortunately, she is a bit of a know-it-all, a social habit further exacerbated by her need for everything to be exactly to her specifications at all times. Not surprisingly, despite being very qualified to work on a ship, she has been passed over in favor of her less picky, less skilled competitors.

Most nights, she can be found in The Watering Hole, chatting with the crew of the Stork, who occasionally hire her on for odd, but always temporary, jobs.

␢ Prudence Castermere

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