␢ Mateo Bright

Engineer on the Stork, enjoyes rotating turbines, calibrating diodes, long walks on the beach, and not dying in a coma with a 120 degree fever.



Agility d10
Smarts d6
Strength d6
Spirit d4
Vigor d4
Charisma 0 Parry 2 Pace 6 (36’) Toughness 4


Repair d8 Notice d8
Knowledge (Electronics) d6 Lockpicking d8
Streetwise d6


  • Quirk (Minor)
  • Hard of Hearing (Minor)
  • Yellow (Major)


  • Quick
  • McGyver

Mateo’s family is from Tetanus Falls, he’s the only one to have gone more than forty miles from the settlement proper. He lived a mostly peaceful young life, tinkering with various mechanical parts his father salvaged from the nearby scrapheaps. Eventually he got good enough to be hired on to the Stork as engineer, and he has stayed on with the ship, provided they make stops at his home at least once per season, so he can deliver his allotment to his mother and sisters.

He works well in a ship, but those close to him have learned not to trust him in any kind of fight, he even tends to avoid arguments, choosing to retire to his engine room instead, pleading necessary repairs.

␢ Mateo Bright

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